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Tupumue - Sensitisation Project

The Tupumue (Kiswahili: Let us breathe) project studies children's experiences of lung disease and air pollution in two neighbourhoods in Nairobi, Kenya.  Playfuel was part of the sensitisation phase, which used creative methods to introduce the project to the communities, build ownership and discuss consent, 

Alongside theatre makers, musicians and visual artists, I worked with local champions to create short games about the project and the importance of healthy lungs. They are being played at community and school events.

The project emerged from the AIR Network Partnership, an interdisciplinary research-community partnership with the aim of creating innovative, participatory solutions to air pollution and in sub-Saharan Africa. Playfuel contributed to the network development workshops, trial projects and research. A write-up of the activities has been published in Humanities & Social Science Communications.

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