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"Absolutely AMAZING experience! Feel that at least some of this needs to be incorporated in the remote connectivity of the future within universities, companies and in our social lives."

Participant, Remote Field Trip

Playful Learning Days

We believe that playful learning is an essential part of higher education and professional development. We had the pleasure of creating a suite playful learning days for the University of Exeter. This set of work was a collaboration with game designer Amy Strike.

Working in a digital setting due to COVID-restrictions, we developed a remote field trip for the staff and students in Exeter's Playful University Club. Investigating a magical island, the day involved a blend of real world objects (received via post), game making, digital tools and cocktail blending. It was exciting to bring this level of playfulness into a Zoom event, and I am keen to explore this direction further.

In autumn 2021, we then created a face-to-face experience for the students of the MBA Programme at Exeter's Business School. Here, we focused on the questions of how we can approach a new problem in a group of diverse people, and how we navigate ideas of competition and collaboration. They day was based around a mix of team-based activities and a treasure hunt with a twist.

"Having an afternoon of play was an important part of creating a non-threatening, inclusive learning environment in what can be typically viewed as a masculine, competitive leadership programme. ...  We enjoyed an afternoon of fun and laughter which concluded our term perfectly."

Jackie Bagnall, MBA Programme Director

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