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Jana Wendler 


Jana is a player-turned-game designer, and an urban geographer. Having grown up with continental board games, she discovered street games when she moved to Manchester, and has been creating and collaborating on playful experiences since 2011. She has taken up roles as designer, producer and facilitator, and is excited about the diversity of skills that come together in game making. Her favourite materials are cardboard, LEDs and MakeyMakeys,and she likes make objects do unexpected things.


Jana's game design is inspired by her other work as an urban geographer. She has a PhD from the University of Manchester, looking at alternative experiments in cities. Thinking about urban space more playfully, beyond consumerism and regulation, are important themes in her work. She also combines her interests by working on game-based teaching and research methods.


Her PhD on Alternative Urban Experiments can be found here (pdf, 12MB)



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