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Imagine: it hasn't stopped raining in days and the river banks are collapsing. The risk of flooding is imminent. You and your team of experts have been sent to take immediate action and avert future crises. Can you save the city?

Our second collaboration with film-makers Oropendola Productions takes up issues of flooding and climate change. Players are faced with a dramatic flooding scenario in the UK, to which they must respond. Through a series of puzzles, treasure hunts, specially-created film clips and immersive interactions with actors, they research their options, manage their budget and try to get politicians on their side... before their choices are challenged by the biggest storm to ever hit the UK.

The game was created with advice from the Environmental Processes Research Group at the University of Manchester, the Manchester Climate Change Agency and Manchester City Council. It ran as part of the Manchester Science Festival 2016 and the Festival of Social Science.

Video and images: Oropendola Productions

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