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Beyond Faith: Muslim Women Artists Today

Exhibition at the Whitworth, Manchester. June 2019 - February 2020

Beyond Faith was a co-curated exhibition and events programme which presented the work of five local Muslim women artists at the Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester along with pieces from its own collection. The exhibition explored themes of identity, faith, otherness and belonging, challenging exclusion in art spaces and highlighting the positive contribution of Muslim women to the arts, society and the economy in the UK. It was the culmination of a research project on Muslim Women the UK Cultural and Creative Industries led by Dr Saskia Warren from the University of Manchester.

In my role as a project manager I facilitated the co-curation process between artists, curators, learning managers and researchers. This included overseeing the development of the exhibition brochure, film and events programme. 

The exhibition received over 200,000 visitors. It was featured on BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking and was awarded a Making A Difference Award for Outstanding Community Engagement from the University of Manchester in 2020.

Images: Sagitta Media

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